Black Hull Color

NorseBoats come standard with white hulls.  You can order a black hull at a modest additional charge.  A traditional black hull is striking, but not recommended for tropical waters.

Protective Keel Strip

Our stainless steel keel strip protects keel from damage when beaching or sitting upright on a dock.  The metal strip is adhered with adhesive and stainless steel screws.

Galvanized Trailer

We supply high quality EZ Loader galvanized trailers customized for our boats.  The trailers have adjustable bunks and rollers, 12 inch wheels, spring suspension, winch stand and tongue jack. 

Spruce Oars, Oarlocks

Our oars are made by a local craftsman to our exacting standards.  Includes chafe protection and rubber stops. 

Jib Headsail Kit (with roller furling)

The NorseBoat 12.5 and 17.5 sail well without a jib, but most customers choose this option to give additional performance on certain points of sail.  Includes bowsprit, furler, headsail, lines and blocks.

Lightwind Drifter

A lightweight 3/4 oz nylon drifter headsail is available.  Like the jib headsail it is set flying.  The lightwind drifter uses all of the same hardware as the jib headsail. Red & white color.


An optional spray dodger is available for the NorseBoat 12.5 and 17.5.  Made of Stamoid material from Europe it is strong, lightweight and UV resistant.  Becomes part of the camping tent.  Cream color.

Dodger Extension

An optional extension to the dodger gives additional spray/rain protection in the forward end of the cockpit (12.5 & 17.5).  Protects crew member(s) lying down while underway.  Requires dodger.  Cream color.


A sun bimini provides sun protection for two people in the aft end of the cockpit.  It folds out of the way when not in use, and becomes part of the standard camping tent setup.  Cream color.

Standard Camping Tent

The standard camping tent zips onto spare zippers on the dodger and the bimini, creating a fully protected cockpit with sleeping area forward and sitting area aft.

Cabrio Camping Tent

If you don’t want the bimini option, the cabrio tent zips onto a spare zipper on the aft end of the dodger, goes over an aluminum frame for support, and snaps down to the aft end of the cockpit.

Mainsail Cover

The canvas mainsail cover protects the mainsail and gaff if you leave your boat on a mooring.  It encloses the furled mainsail and ties around the forward end of the mast.  Cream color.

Set of Line Storage Bags

A set of canvas line storage bags keeps all the control lines neatly stowed.  Three lines store to port (main and throat halyards, downhaul), and three to starboard (reef line, jib halyard, furling line).

Padded Storage Bag

This three-layer padded storage bag neatly stows all sailing components and two sets of oars.  The sail kit was designed so that all parts fit in this bag and lay in the cockpit.

Cockpit Mooring Cover

If you leave your boat on a mooring you’ll want this option.  The cockpit mooring cover snaps around the outside of the cockpit coaming for full weather protection.  Cream color.

Whole Boat Storage Cover

Tough, durable whole boat cover protects your boat during travel or when stored outside.  Webbing loops sewn into the edge allow for convenient attachment of tie lines.  Includes support poles.  Grey color.

Cockpit Cushions

Made for us by C-Cushions of Texas these closed cell foam cushions are PVC coated for durability and low maintenance.  Cushion set can be used to create a full-size double berth on the NorseBoat 12.5 or 17.5.

Manual Bilge Pump

A flush-mounted manual bilge pump is a convenient way to keep your boat dry.  Mounted in the aft compartment, the handle is located next to the helm for safe operation even when single-handed sailing.

Motor Mounts

A metal plate on the forward face of the  transom lip and a composite plate on the transom provide a convenient location for an electric or gas outboard motor to be mounted.

Torqeedo Electric Outboard

This amazing electric motor from Germany has a lithium-ion battery mounted on the head of the unit, eliminating external batteries and wiring.  Adjustable  speed, very efficient power use.  Includes charger.

Telescoping Tiller Extension

A tiller extension allow single-handed or short-handed crews to steer comfortably from the middle part of the cockpit.  Allows helmsman to shift their weight forward if necessary.

Electrical Package

Intended for serious camp-cruisers, the electrical package incluedes LED running lights, a three-circuit waterproof panel, 12VDC outlet, solar charger, and sealed 18-Amp-hr battery. 

Boat Lettering

We can put your boat name (and port if desired) on the transom of your boat.  High quality vinyl lettering in Viking font.  Black lettering standard for white hulls, white lettering standard for black hulls.

Pennant For Mainsail

Made by The Sailbag Lady in Madison, CT, these red nylon pennants are flown from the aft end of the head of the mainsail to give your boat a colorful, salty look under sail.

Plastimo Iris 100 Compass

The Iris 100 compass is a versatile, accurate piece of gear that works brilliantly on a NorseBoat.  Mounts under the forward thwart facing aft for good visibility.  Also serves as hand-bearing compass.


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